Costs for camps and mission trips add up, right? Save money on your child's youth group activities, or help another family pay for theirs, by using the Scrip program.



You select and buy gift cards as often as you want through the Scrip program. You receive these gift cards in the amount of the full purchase price to use as you wish (for yourself or to give to others). If you buy a $100 grocery gift card, you get the full $100 to spend at the grocery store.

But wait -- there's more! For every gift card, each merchant donates a percentage of the gift card amount back to your Scrip account. For example, if you buy a $100 gift card to a grocery store, that store will kick back 5-10% of your $100 purchase ($5-$10) to your personal Scrip account. [The percentage donated back to your Scrip account varies by merchant. See the Order Form for details.]

With the purchase of numerous cards over time, you'll begin to stockpile money in your Scrip account that can easily be applied to any camp or service trip. Several families have paid for camps and service trips almost entirely using Scrip!

1.  Pick up a form at the CBC Info Desk on Sundays (or print one here)
2.  Select the gift cards you're interested in purchasing (grocery, restaurant, gas, entertainment, home stores, etc)
3.  Submit your form, with your check made payable to "CBC", to the CBC Info/Welcome Desk.  

Please note:

  • ALL scrip orders and check payments must be submitted at the same time.

  • If an order is received without a check, the order will be held until the check arrives and ordered the following due date.

  • Late payments create more work for the scrip coordinators as well as the CBC accounting department.

Thank you for your understanding.


2019 Drop Off/Pick Up Dates

Due Dates                         Delivery

June 2 ……………………… June 9

July 28 ……………………... August 4


Please Note: Any unused or undesignated money left in your Scrip account after your youngest child graduates will automatically be deposited into our "General Scholarship" account and become available for any student in CBC Youth Ministries to apply to use.

For general questions, contact Vicky Tobin by email or by phone 425-747-6750 ext 176.