• Non-refundable registration deposits must be received by the "REGISTRATION DEADLINE DATE" listed for each Camp or Event in order to hold your place. [In some cases, the full purchase price is required by the "Registration Deadline Date".]

  • If a family is requesting Financial Assistance:

    • A Financial Assistance Form must be submitted by the "Registration Deadline Date"

    • A payment for the Deposit must be received by the "Registration Deadline Date"

    • A Student Registration must be completed by the "Registration Deadline Date"


  • LAST DAY TO CANCEL FOR FULL REFUND:  Each camp or event has their own unique date.  Typically this is the same as the "Registration Deadline Date" (please refer to each Camp or Event page for details).  

  • LAST DAY TO CANCEL FOR PARTIAL REFUND:  Varies with each camp or event.  In the event a student is sick and cannot attend, we will work with you to refund as much of your payment as possible.  Some costs (food, lodging, travel, pre-ordered shirts, etc.) are not refundable after the "Registration Deadline" date.

  • No shows are non-refundable.  Refunds of camp fees are not made for any campers departing early from camp for any reason, including health or unacceptable behavior.


Your student(s) may be photographed, filmed and/or recorded during CBC events for promotional and marketing purposes. Their attendance constitutes consent to the above, unless otherwise noted.

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