Parent Resources

We at CBC Youth want to come alongside you, the parents, and help equip you in continuing the conversations your student has begun in their weekly community group. Below are some resources to be the jumping point for conversations based on what your student is learning each week.


One Conversation

Each session comes with a ONE CONVERSATION page that is specifically designed for you to ask questions that are focused on what your student learned on Wednesday. During these conversations, also use this opportunity to share what God is teaching you. By allowing your student to see into your spiritual life it will help them be more willing to open up about theirs.


One Sheet

Each session comes with a ONE SHEET page that allows you to get a quick overview of what was discussed in your student's community group. This is a great resource to help you not only find out what they're learning but can also challenge you to start applying the same truths into your own life.


additional Resources

Students today are facing a multitude of challenges both internally and externally. As a parent it may be overwhelming to know how to best support your student. We want to help you by providing some tools and resources to use for various circumstances.