Here at Crossroads we are dedicated to following what God has called us as the church to be. 


Mission: (What We Are Called To Do)
Our mission in Crossroads Student Ministry is to create, equip, and empower disciples of Jesus Christ. (Matt 28:18-20) (Eph 4:11-16)

Vision:  (Where We Hope To Go)
Our long term vision is to develop a student-led and relational ministry. 

Values: (How We Plan To Achieve It All)
In order to achieve the mission and vision, we are committed to the following Biblical principles set forth for us. (Acts 2:41-47, Eph 4:11-16)

•Relationships that are honest and growing
•Revealing Biblical truth that is relevant and edifying
•Releasing students to serve the body of Christ
•Responding to God in both works and worship
•Reaching out to others who need a relationship with Jesus

In all things, we hope that we hope to bring honor back to God and allow Him to shape us more into the image of Christ.  

Thoughts on Relational Ministry

The mission and values offer a great roadmap for us as a church as we go about fulfilling God’s will here on earth. We believe that the Great Commission and Great Commandment are not an option but rather an expectation that God has placed upon his children. Therefore, we must commit ourselves to this not only on a church wide level, but even on a personal level as we go about our own lives.

In order to follow these commands and be successful in our strategies the church has put forth, we focus on the relational dynamic with those we minister to. Building relationships is extremely impactful, ESPECIALLY IN STUDENT MINISTRIES. Gaining the trust of our students will allow us to go a long way in terms of helping them grow closer towards Christ…no matter where they are in that process. One thing that students struggle so much with in this time of their life is finding someone who genuinely cares for them and accepts them for who they are. Often at times students are reluctant to open up because they are not sure they can trust people.

By laying down the foundation of relationship with the students, we can begin to patch the wounds of trust that hurt many of our students. If we can show them that we care for them, that we want to get to know them, and that we will take them as they are, we have a much better chance of them listening to us and our message of Christ. Saying hi when they walk into the room, meeting up for coffee, going to their events, or even a simple phone call/text can make the biggest difference.  Read more...

You can access the Crossroads Bible Church Core Values information here.